Twist and Store Airtight Square Acrylic Canisters (Sold Separately)

Twist and Store Airtight Square Acrylic Canisters (Sold Separately)

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With almost unlimited uses, these twist and store canisters can help bring harmony to the whole household! Canisters for the kitchen counter don't come more attractive and practical than this due to their clear and airtight design. These kitchen canisters look cute and decorative out on display.

Ideal containers for organising any kitchen pantry. Uses include - candy jar, cereal container, containers for food, flour and sugar containers, coffee canister, cereal storage, cookie jar, rice storage, tea jar, herb storage, baking storage, pasta containers, ground coffee containers, snack organisers and sugar canisters.

As well as being great for kitchen and pantry, these are simply great storage containers for organising practically anything. Use them in the bathroom for bath salts, scrubs; the kids rooms for storing small toys; ideal as a swear jar for adults or as a change jar; great as a matches holder or as a laundry powder container. The potential uses are endless! These clear organising containers will be ideal as a dog treat container or a cat treat jar.



  • Great for use storing cookies, sugar, flour, spices and other kitchen staples
  • Ideal for organising your pantry shelf
  • Airtight lid with silicone gaskets to help preserve stored food items
  • Available in: 95 oz., 76 oz., 54 oz., 34 oz
  • Care and cleaning: Wipe clean with a damp cloth